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bankruptcy attorney dallas

bankruptcy attorney dallas Leinart Law Firm
Leinart Law Firm

11520 N. Central Expy Suite 212 Dallas, TX 75243 United States
(469) 232-3328

If you are filing for bankruptcy in Dallas, you need immediate debt solutions. At the Leinart Law Firm, we understand that our clients need assistance in getting their financial lives back on track.

Your road to debt recovery starts with a simple phone call. When you call Leinart Law Firm, we will make you an appointment for a consultation. With you it is important to bring financial information that we will use to create a legal strategy. Bring with you all your current debts, any outstanding loans, an estimated monthly budget, pay stubs, and the last two years of your taxes. That would give us enough information to get started and be able to let you know if bankruptcy is the right option for you.


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